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Ages 55+

Everyone 55 and Older

Our mission is to build a community for seniors that is founded upon Christian love and care.

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Small Groups

Fall Bible Study

Wednesdays 10am-12pm

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Our Pacesetter’s Fall Bible Study is a very interesting and challenging topical study in the book of Proverbs. We will discuss the major theme of Proverbs; specifically, the contrasts between the life of Wisdom and the life of Folly. Our discussions will include the practical application of God’s wisdom in our daily decisions and the consequences of ignoring God’s warnings. This study will run for 10 consecutive weeks. Your Bible is your study book. Although the Pacesetter’s age group is 55+, our Pacesetter’s Bible Study is also an opportunity to bring friends. That includes believers, non-believers, and those that are curious about our Christian faith.

Community Church // Chapel

Christian Heirs

Sundays at 8:15am

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Led by Pastor Gary Meeks. This ABF is in the Chapel at 8:15am. The class is open to all who want to attend and is generally made up of a group that is 55 years and older.



Pacesetters@Community Leader

Dave Schroyer

Worship & Adult Ministries Pastor